Groovescale drives scalable system development with data science and data engineering.

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Your data makes your business unique. The potential in your data is unlocked by holistic understanding of your critical business questions all the way back to the acquisition of your data.

Data Science

Data science, like any science, is based in the idea of reproducing results. Data science work has a way of impressing in presentations, but then having problems transitioning to an automated system. Move your data science past making cool presentations and into giving your organization new sustainable capabilities.

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Data Engineering

With a thoughtfully constructed data pipeline, business questions can often be answered in seconds. The “big data” paradigm gave us bigger and richer tables than SQL, but still made us wait for queries. Today systems based on streaming “fast data” data technologies go from consuming new data to producing results right away.

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Groovescale applies cutting-edge models and vetted open-source technologies to help you solve your business problems. Within Apache Incubator, there is a new big data technology out just about every week. It can be exhausting for anyone to keep up! We can help you assess offerings, relating capabilities back to technologies familiar to you.